About Us

DroneWorx is a full service multirotor/drone shop located in Flagler County. We have an extensive background in radio-control (RC) flight and offer a broad spectrum of services centered around sUAS aircraft. Our team is comprised of industry professionals and engineers that are highly knowledgeable and can assist customers ranging from first time hobbyists simply looking for a drone to fly for fun or amateur aerial photography, all the way up to customers with very specific needs such as complete custom application aircraft for 3D mapping, agricultural monitoring using thermal spectral cameras or professional aerial cinematography. In short, the DroneWorx team has your solution.

The sUAS industry being in its early stages is ever-changing and growing. New products and technology are developed and brought to market on a near-daily basis. At DroneWorx, our philosophy is to embrace, adapt, and apply these changes and technologies to our custom built aircraft. We stay ahead of the curve by constantly remaining plugged in to the industry and remaining diligent with our research and development efforts. The result is a team of confident experts ready to help our customers of any level with any range of needs.



Ryan Beaulieu (CEO)

Ryan has been a lifelong enthusiast of all things electronic and “techy.” If a gadget exists, more than likely he has gotten his hands on it and thoroughly tested it (as well as taken it apart, modified, and possibly even blown up or otherwise destroyed it!). Ryan has been active in the RC and robotics industry his whole life. He is the DroneWorx master builder and systems integrator/programmer. He holds degrees in business administration/management and electrical engineering. He has extensive experience in drone technology, photography, and research and development of new products and is an expert certified pilot.

Robert Palmer (Senior Development Manager)

Mr. Palmer is the co-founder of Peer Group Partners and The Compass Group. Blending rigorous analysis and hands-on practicality, he has worked as a partner and strategic consultant to many of the largest and most successful automobile retail, finance and distribution operations throughout the country. In recent time Mr. Palmer has become fascinated with the drone revolution and decided to help Ryan Beaulieu take the next steps in his business.