Drone Worx offers ready-to fly multirotors, FPV equipment, parts and accessories, crash repair, and upgrade services. We have a great selection of new, freshly built, programmed, and flight tested/tuned multirotor platforms ranging from 250mm FPV racers all the way up to 1000mm+ octocopters for heavy lift aerial photography equipment and even fixed wing aircraft equipped with GPS autopilot equipment. We also stock FPV gear, cameras and gimbals, flight controllers, motors, escs, batteries, and much more.

Aside from our sales and service of drones, Drone Worx has a subsidiary company, Eagle Vision Aerial, that provides professional aerial photography services for hire. We have 1 and 2 man teams depending on your project and services range from simple real estate shoots where just a few still shots might be needed for print collateral all the way up to fully edited cinematography projects for the film/entertainment industry or television commercials.

Eagle Vision Aerial also has a developing division that is working within the confines of the agricultural industry monitoring crop health using highly specialized thermal spectral cameras. This cutting edge technology is speculated to drastically change the agricultural industry by capturing the ability to determine distressed crops much earlier so preventative measures can be taken. This data captured by measurements of reflective radiation by the camera system combined with the proprietary software will result in greater crop yields and a substantial reduction in pesticide needs.